Texaco, established in 1902 in Beaumont, Texas, quickly grew into a prominent global oil entity, known for its distinctive gas pumps and service stations. The evolution of Texaco’s gas pumps mirrors the broader trends in technology, design, and environmental awareness within the petroleum industry.

In its early days, Texaco pioneered the concept of selling gasoline under a single brand, introducing simple, mechanical gas pumps. These early models, often manually operated, laid the groundwork for the brand’s expansive network of filling stations catering to the burgeoning number of motor vehicles.

By the 1930s and 1940s, Texaco’s gas pumps and service stations embraced the Art Deco movement, featuring streamlined designs and the brand’s signature red, white, and green color scheme. This period marked a shift towards more visually distinctive and branded pumps, enhancing Texaco’s visibility to motorists.

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