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Roy's Gas Pump Collection

Don, Lynn, Cari, and Kaelee, First of all, I wish to thank you for your help in the restoration of my three gas pumps. My discussions with you were quite helpful and I will be in contact again sometime if I come across another pump to restore. Attached are 4 pictures, 1 before, and 3 after. A little history on these pumps: All three were on our property and operational when I was young (25 years ago). The two Tokheim pumps were at my shop, which was an old service station in Judson, IN. The Wayne pump was on one of our farms and we pumped diesel fuel through it, until the tank got a hole in it... We removed the pumps and tanks probably 20+ years ago when my grandfather began to think that the EPA was going to start forcing this. However, due to his foresight, we kept the pumps in an old barn until the fall of 2008. The barn was in a poor state of repair and was being torn down and replaced with a pole barn (where they are now.) My grandfather passed earlier that year and my dad and I weren't really interested in them. We tried to sell them to a local "collector" and in a few publications, but everything fell through. Once the building was done, we put them in it and waited to do something with them. I mentioned them at work and a few were interested, sold a Wayne 70 to a coworker (whom I keep trying to get it back from) and then decided that I just might try to restore one. I started with the Wayne 505 in the fall of 2010 and made it an Oliver, a former tractor manufacturer that I collect. It turned out so well and I enjoyed the process so much I thought I would do the Tokheims. So, in the summer of 2011, I started them, finished in Massey Ferguson (another tractor manufacturer that we use today) and Ford. I wired up some leads in the pole barn and now, have a nice display of three pieces of the history of our farms. Anyway, as requested, here are the pictures. I appreciate your help and if I get that Wayne 70 back or find another pump to restore, you will be at the top of my list for parts and questions. I appreciate your business service, and friendliness!  Roy  Rockville, IN