Product FAQ


How can I search for items?

Here are a few tips:

  1. You can search using part numbers from the old catalogs, but remove the dash.
    • So for example, GM-103 is now GM103, and ID-101 is now ID101 – run together, no spaces.
  2. Look for the word Search at the upper right, and click. Then look for the search field on the left.
  3. This site is organized almost just like the old one: Find the broad categories across the top, then use the drop-down menus under those categories to find how the parts are organized.
    • For example, Gas Pump Parts is organized by type and model of pump.

Do you have a print catalog?

Unfortunately we do not have an up-to-date print catalog and do not have current plans to produce a new one.

Are the globes suitable for outdoor use?

Our glass lenses are made so that the colors will not fade or peel. Plastic bodies, however, may fade over time or otherwise be affected by extreme temperatures. Painted steel bodies will hold up well outside.

How do I assemble my plastic-body globe?

Click here for instructions or call us at 503-228-8347. We’re happy to help.

What should I know about my bare steel body?

Because it’s bare steel, it will rust fairly quickly, especially if left outside or in an unheated garage or outbuilding. Some people like the antique rusted look, but if you don’t, you’ll want to paint it fairly soon after receiving it. It may arrive with a few small spots of rust, but this is just light surface rust which can quickly and easily be removed with gentle use of fine sandpaper or steel wool.

How do I install the lenses into the steel body?

Your steel body comes with snap rings; you’ll find them around the edge of each side. When ready to install the lenses, carefully remove them and set aside. Place one lens onto one side of the globe body and very carefully place the snap ring around the edge of the lens, slowly allowing it to press the lens against the body. Do the same on the other side. (To help secure the lenses in place, some restorers like to use 3-4 pencil eraser-sized dots of silicone on the back side of the lens where it meets the body.)

How can I tell if your red powder-coated body will match the red on my pump?

There’s no way to be sure! Restorers who want to be certain their colors match buy our unpainted steel globe bodies and have them painted at the same time as the rest of their pump.

Can these globes be lighted?

Yes! We have light kits here and lamp bases here.

How do I apply my decals?

We have posted instructions here for both vinyl decals and water transfer decals for your convenience.

I have a question not addressed here.

Please contact us at or 503-228-8347. We are happy to help!