Steel Globe Bodies

Our plastic globe bodies come in eight different colors to complement your 13.5″ or 15″ gas pump globe lenses.

All globe bodies have a standard bottom opening 6″ in diameter; 13.5″ steel-body globes are 17.5″ tall; 15″ low profile bodies are 18 3/8″ high x 16 1/4″ wide x 6″ deep without lenses; 15″ high profile bodies 19 3/8″ high x 17 7/8″ wide x 5 3/8″ deep without lenses.

Note: Unpainted steel bodies may arrive with small areas of surface rust, which can easily be removed with gentle use of fine sandpaper or steel wool. They must be painted to prevent rust.

See our coordinating decals to coordinate with your new lenses. We also have many other globe accessories including bare steel wall mounts for single lenses, plastic frames in different vibrant colors, milk glass globe bodies, globe mounts, lighting kits, mounting rings, and more.

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