Bennett 132 / 150

Elevate your gas pump restoration project with the Bennett 132 / 150 Clock Hands and Clock Face Glass. This set is expertly designed for the Bennett 132 and 150 series gas pumps. It adds an authentic touch to your restoration efforts. The clock face glass is clear and durable, with precise markings that replicate the original design. This ensures your restored pump looks period-accurate.

The clock hands match the original Bennett models in specifications and design, ensuring a seamless fit and function. Made from high-quality materials, these components are reliable and enhance the vintage charm of your pump.

Ideal for restoration enthusiasts and collectors, this set not only restores functionality but also upgrades the aesthetic of any vintage Bennett gas pump. Whether you’re a professional restorer or a hobbyist, the Bennett 132 / 150 Clock Hands and Clock Face Glass are essential for bringing your vintage equipment back to life while maintaining its historical integrity.