Polly Gas

Polly Gas, an iconic brand under the Los Angeles-based Wilshire Oil Company, left a memorable mark in Southern California’s oil industry from its inception in 1935 until its acquisition by Gulf in 1960. Renowned for its distinctive logo with the iconic Polly Gas parrot and it’s vibrant color scheme, Polly Gas became a symbol of the golden age of American motoring. The Wilshire Oil Company, founded on principles of innovation and quality, rapidly grew into a formidable player in the oil sector, contributing significantly to the region’s economic prosperity. The acquisition by Gulf in 1960 represented a pivotal moment in the industry, marking the end of Polly Gas as an independent entity. Today, Polly Gas holds a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts, symbolizing nostalgia for a bygone era. Vic’s 66 offers authentic replicas of Polly Gas parts, perfect for restoring old gas pumps. These parts not only embody the history and legacy of Polly Gas but also ensure the highest standards of quality and authenticity for collectors and aficionados alike.

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