Tokheim 620 / 625

Dive into classic restoration with our Tokheim 620/625 parts, crafted with history and quality in mind. These parts honor the iconic Tokheim gas pumps, symbols of America’s roadside heritage. Ideal for enthusiasts, our collection makes your projects authentically beautiful.

We’ve poured passion and expertise into replicating the original pumps’ charm and durability. These pumps epitomized American freedom and innovation. Our durable parts blend with both vintage and modern settings, paying tribute to this era.

Working on a pump or building a collection, our parts bring a special touch, capturing a bygone era’s essence. Explore our collection and help preserve American roadside culture, ensuring these icons inspire future generations.

Starting your restoration with our parts is reviving history. Each piece showcases past craftsmanship, capturing the American dream’s essence. Beyond aesthetics, this project connects past elegance with today’s heritage appreciation. Our collection supports creating something unique, celebrating the open road and the iconic American gas station. Let your restoration honor the past, filled with spirit and nostalgia.