Tokheim 850 / 950 & 870

We meticulously craft reproduction parts for Tokheim 850, 950, and 870 gas pumps, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of authenticity and quality. These parts are crucial for anyone wanting to restore vintage gas pumps to working condition or perfect their display in nostalgic or museum settings.


  • Precision and Authenticity: We design each part to precisely replicate the original Tokheim pumps, keeping your restoration projects true to the era’s engineering and style.
  • Durability: We select the best materials for manufacturing, ensuring your restored pumps are historically accurate and durable.
  • Enhanced Value: Using our reproduction parts in your Tokheim gas pump restoration increases both its aesthetic and historical value, making it a highlight in any collection.

Whether you’re a collector, restoration expert, or vintage enthusiast, our parts deliver the reliability and accuracy needed to bring these classic pumps back to their glory. Each part helps preserve early automotive culture’s history and charm, ensuring these iconic pieces continue to inspire admiration for generations.

Our approach blends traditional aesthetics with modern manufacturing techniques, allowing every restored pump to operate smoothly and look as good as it did decades ago.