Wayne 515 & 615

We precision-design our Wayne 515 and 615 parts to match original pump specifications. This ensures every restoration preserves the pumps’ historic aesthetic and mechanical integrity, making them ideal for detailed projects and functional displays.

Key Benefits:

  • Authentic Replication: We carefully engineer each part to accurately mirror the original Wayne 515 and 615 models, ensuring restorations maintain true historical accuracy.
  • Superior Quality: We select only the highest quality materials for our parts. This guarantees that each piece fits perfectly and endures over time.
  • Increased Value: Restoring a Wayne pump with our parts enhances its visual appeal and authenticity, boosting its collectible value.

Moreover, collectors, restoration experts, and vintage enthusiasts rely on our parts to bring these iconic models back to life. Each component ensures restored pumps operate flawlessly and maintain their classic look, thus preserving their legacy for future generations.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive customer support to assist with part selection and installation, making the restoration process smooth. Our commitment to quality and customer care adds significant value and ensures satisfaction for all dedicated to preserving these timeless pieces.

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