Wayne 60 / 866

The Wayne 60 / 866 is a classic gas pump that harks back to the golden era of automotive service, offering not just a functional utility but also an iconic piece of Americana. Renowned for its robust build and distinctive art deco design, this model has become a sought-after collector’s item, symbolizing the romance and adventure of the open road.

Constructed during a period when craftsmanship and detail were paramount, the Wayne 60 / 866 stands out for its reliability and the unique visual appeal of its globe-topped, brightly colored shell. It features a mechanical computer that was a marvel of its time, capable of accurately dispensing fuel and displaying the cost with precision—a testament to the innovative engineering of the era.

Beyond its functionality, the Wayne 60 / 866 serves as a nostalgic reminder of a bygone era, often restored to its original splendor to adorn vintage gas stations, museums, and private collections. Its chrome accents, glass globe, and vibrant paintwork make it a striking display piece, capturing the essence of mid-20th century Americana.

Collectors and enthusiasts appreciate the Wayne 60 / 866 not only for its historical significance but also for the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its production. Whether restored to operational condition or preserved in its found state, this gas pump is a tangible connection to the automotive heritage and serves as a focal point in any collection dedicated to celebrating the rich history of transportation.

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