Wayne 70 & 100

We meticulously craft reproduction parts for Wayne 70 & 100 gas pumps to ensure the highest level of authenticity and quality for enthusiasts and restorers. These parts aim to revive the splendor of vintage gas pumps for personal enjoyment, museum displays, or collections that celebrate the automobile’s golden age.

Our range includes everything you need to restore a Wayne 70 or 100 gas pump to its original glory. You’ll find accurately designed face plates, ad glass, nozzle hooks, and internal mechanisms. Each piece boasts detailed craftsmanship and functionality, allowing for complete restorations that honor past craftsmanship and innovation.

Whether you’re tackling a full restoration project or replacing a few worn pieces, our reproduction parts blend vintage aesthetics with modern manufacturing standards. We choose materials for their durability and compatibility with original designs, ensuring your restored gas pump lasts.

For collectors, historians, and vintage enthusiasts, our reproduction parts for Wayne 70 & 100 gas pumps offer a chance to preserve automotive and cultural history. They enable a hands-on connection to the past, facilitating the restoration of these iconic pieces to their former glory, for future generations to appreciate.

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