Wayne 851

Our Wayne 851 reproduction parts focus specifically on the components crucial for restoring the iconic clock face feature of this vintage gas pump. We offer high-quality clock face plates, short and long clock hands, and ID tags—all designed with precision to match the original aesthetics and functionality.

Clock Face Plates: Each plate replicates the original design with exceptional accuracy, providing a crucial piece for maintaining the authentic look of the Wayne 851. These plates are perfect for enthusiasts looking to restore the visual charm of their gas pump.

Short and Long Clock Hands: Our reproduction short and long clock hands are crafted to exact specifications to ensure they fit perfectly and function as intended. These hands are essential for completing the clock mechanism restoration, allowing it to keep time just like it did decades ago.

ID Tag: The ID tag is a small but vital component, offering authenticity to your restoration project. It bears the identifying marks as seen on original Wayne 851 pumps, adding an extra layer of historical accuracy.

Ideal for restorers who need specific parts rather than a complete overhaul, our reproduction parts for the Wayne 851 gas pump combine durability with historical fidelity. These parts not only restore the functionality and look of your vintage pump but also help preserve a piece of automotive history for future generations to appreciate.

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