Wayne 861

We craft Wayne 861 reproduction parts with precision to capture the authentic details of this classic gas pump. These high-quality components are essential for restoring your pump to its former glory, perfect for display or functional use in a vintage setting.

Key Components:

  • Clock Hands: We offer various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for Wayne 861 models. This enables smooth and accurate clock operation.
  • ID Tags: Our reproduction ID tags mimic the originals and include Wayne 861 markings to enhance the pump’s authentic appearance.


  • Precision and Quality: We manufacture all parts to high standards, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting durability.
  • Authentic Restoration: These parts preserve the authentic look and feel of Wayne 861 gas pumps, maintaining their aesthetic and mechanical integrity.
  • Enhanced Value: Using these accurate reproduction parts increases both the monetary and historical value, making it a prized item in any collection.

Whether you’re a collector, museum curator, or vintage enthusiast, our parts equip you to confidently complete your restoration project. Each pump restored with our parts stands as a tribute to the golden age of automotive service stations.

Additionally, our parts not only enhance your gas pump’s appearance but also ensure reliable operation. They combine vintage aesthetics with modern manufacturing precision, maintaining the pump’s operational legacy for future enjoyment.

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