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13.5 Inch Gas Pump Globes

One globe includes two 13.5-inch glass lenses and your choice of a plastic or steel body. Steel bodies may be purchased in bare steel or powder-coated. The choice of body colors is shown in the drop-down menu.

All of our lenses are glass. They're screen-printed and kiln fired here in our shop using techniques from the 1920s and '30s. We use permanent kiln-fired glass enamel which will not fade or peel.

Single lenses can be purchased; just make that choice in the drop-down menu.

For globe bodies only, go to the Gas Pump Globe Bodies section on the left.

*A note about bare steel bodies: They may arrive with light spots of surface rust. Be sure to store in a climate-controlled location (not a damp garage, for example) to prevent rust before painting. Bare steel can rust very quickly in humid conditions.

*A note about powder-coating: Powder coating on the 13.5" bodies is currently limited to what we have on hand. To check if we have your color, please call us at 503-228-8347.

*A note about paint and snap rings: On our steel bodies, we have found that after painting or powder-coating, the snap rings meant to hold the lenses in place are not always reliable because of the paint build-up. To help secure lenses in place, some restorers use 3-4 pencil-eraser sized dots of clear silicone on the back side of each lens where it meets the body.