Tokheim 39 Tall & Short

Step into the realm of classic automotive revival with our expertly crafted reproduction parts for the Tokheim 39 Tall & Short series, a homage to the iconic Tokheim 39 gas pumps that defined the late 1930s to the 1950s. Our collection, catering to both the Tall and Short models, is a celebration of the golden era of roadside Americana, imbuing every restoration endeavor with genuine charm and historical accuracy.

With a steadfast commitment to quality and authenticity, we employ premium materials to precisely replicate each component, guaranteeing an impeccable fit and enduring resilience. This dedication enables enthusiasts and collectors alike to not only rejuvenate these emblematic gas pumps but also to weave a piece of American industrial legacy into contemporary settings, be it for personal collections, museums, or exhibitions.

Our Tokheim 39 parts serve as a bridge between yesteryears and today, providing a palpable link to a time renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic allure. Whether you’re a devotee of automotive history or the broader cultural tales of the United States, our parts lay the groundwork for restoration projects that are both historically faithful and aesthetically captivating.

Dive into the nostalgia and artisanship of bygone days with our reproduction parts, and let your restoration work stand as a homage to the enduring influence of the Tokheim 39 gas pumps. As you celebrate the history and innovation of American roadside culture, you ensure that the essence of the open road continues to inspire generations to come.

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