Tokheim 39 & National A-62 Hose Guard, Polished – 3-pc Set


Hose Guard for Tokheim 39 and National A-62 Pumps.

Includes two ends with a central tube. Made of polished aluminum.

  • Center tube measures 13” long.  NOTE: This might be different than your original!  If yours is a different length, we may be able to provide the length you need. CALL or email to find out: 503-228-8347 or
  • Assembly with ends and tube measures 15.75” long.
  • Mounting holes are threaded 8-32.
  • Spacing of mounting holes is 14.25” center to center.  NOTE: This may be different than your original!  These only come with one mounting hole on each end.

Two sets required per pump. Hardware not included.

If you prefer unpolished, look for part# ST110.


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